Vaasa Climate Change Conference & Networking Forum

Vaasa Climate Change Conference & Networking Forum

Generally about the event

It is an environmental event focusing on Climate Change, aiming to combine an academic and scientific conference with cultural and artistic expression using as a tool, the art form of nature film making with the projection of high quality nature and science documentaries followed by a puppet theatre performance, music and dance performances during the last popularization day. The goal of this event is to utilize the power of arts and culture in order to make them “the vehicle” to carry important academic and scientific knowledge and positive news about new and already existing solutions to tackle Climate Change, out from the universities and to the ordinary public.

The event will take place in Vaasa, Finland from 26-28 September 2019 and it aims also to become a diverse and creating networking forum for Energy related institutions and decision makers, educational organizations, clean tech companies, scientific and energy researchers, young climate school activists, media producers, journalists, filmmakers and film festivals, politicians, decision makers and of course the general public – all with Nordic and international dimension.

The idea of organizing this type of event was born during the 9th edition of Vaasa Wildlife Festival, in September 2018 and since then, thanks to the enthusiasm, the engagement and the productive teamwork to develop this idea from all parties involved, we ended up to a very interesting collaboration, as follows:


Vaasa University-Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre

VAMK University of Applied Sciences:

Luleå University of Technology:

Nordic Energy ResearchNordic Energy Equality Network (NEEN)

Vaasa Culture ServicesVaasa Wildlife Festival

Vaasa Lyceum

Wildlife Vaasa Festival supporting association



  1. our name is: Dr. Soran H. Amin assistant professor in geography
    Dr. Peshawa M. Ali assistant professor in geophysics
    we are from northern Iraq/ sulaimani university and we want to participate in this event with a scientific paper on the effect of climate change on temperature degree between 1970 to 2015 in sulaimaniya city and its impact on energy consumption.

    1. admin

      Thank you for your interest in our conference! Please note that for Session 4, “Climate Change in Arid and Semi-arid Regions”, Abstracts are to be sent to Professor Nadhir Al-Ansari for review (email: and the deadline is 30 June, 2019. Thank you! Best Regards, Jukka P. Seppälä, Coordinator

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