VCCC&NF 2019 – photo gallery

Vaasa Climate Change Conference & Networking Forum 26-28 September 2019 - photo gallery

Vaasa Climate Change Conference and Networking Forum 2019 was an international networking conference on climate change that took place in Vaasa Finland, focusing on existing solutions and their application on global level. It was a three-day event that combined successfully the science conference at the University of Vaasa with film screenings and other artistic events on the last day at Vaasa City Library and Culture House Fanny . The event was organized by a total of 36 organizations from 11 countries with 72 people directly involved; seven educational organizations, nine businesses, seven associations, five networks and research organizations, six film festivals and the City of Vaasa. The conference was attended by 110 people and the event was attended by around 1000 people during the three days. 

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